Manufacturer of the highest quality fluffy nonwoven fabric

The Santano company was founded in 1998

From the very beginning of our company’s existence, the main objective is to provide excellent fluffy nonwoven fabric and maximum comfort of purchase for our Customers. We are a dynamic company operating in the most modern market segments. We provide not only the extensive range of goods and attractive prices, but we also strive to offer our Customers knowledge in the field of efficient use of our products.

In order to improve the quality of our nonwoven fabrics, we have developed a number of unique production technologies, and the management system we have implemented allows us to instantly adapt to current market needs.

Thanks to our own means of transport, we can react very quickly to the specific needs of our Contractors.

The quality of SANTANO products is confirmed by certificates and approvals we have received.

Our products have already gained recognition of a number of customers. We would also like to invite your company to cooperate with us!

Leszek and Monika Staśkiewicz

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